Maya's Last Will and Testament

  • Maya: I should have been the only one who loved him. The suffering he has endured was my responsibility. It was mine by right of having created him.
  • Maya: That is why I was prepared to give him everything; because I was the one who was supposed to support him in his destiny.
  • Maya: But such was not to be. For that child was to discover a world of his own. A world you were in.
  • Maya: A world with you.
  • Maya: And because of that, I can no longer share his suffering with him. That is because he did not wish it to be so.
  • Maya: Because, though it pains me to admit it, what he wanted was a memory that was supposed to have been erased.
  • Maya: So now you must hurry. If you truly wish to suffer with him, then suffer with him for me. For, now, you are the only one who can.
  • Maya: My dearest, , please take care of my son.
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